With years of experience, you’ll find our team is sensitive to the impact a project has on your workplace. We know that Bursars, School Business Managers, and School Site Managers are busy people because we are used to working in schools, and Special schools in particular. We can help with anything that your Site Manager cannot deal with or doesn’t have the time to address. Where your school is concerned, no job is too small. For the bigger projects, we have access to architects with considerable experience in educational design who can assist in advising you. We are used to working very early mornings, very late nights, weekends, and school holidays so that when the school reopens it is fully functional. Where required, we will photograph all the work displayed on classroom walls, take it down, carry out the work and reinstate. We know that we will need to provide detailed estimates for work, often a long time before the work is to be carried out so that Governors’ approval can be sought and/ or budgets prepared.  It’s all part of the service. Our people are CRB or equivalent checked where required and know how to behave appropriately on school premises.