With years of experience you’ll find our team is sensitive to the impact a project has on your workplace. We know that Bursars, School Business Managers, and School Site Managers are busy people because we are used to working in schools, and Special schools in particular. We can help with anything that your Site Manager cannot deal with or doesn’t have the time to address. Where your school is concerned, no job is too small. For the bigger projects we have access to architects with considerable experience in educational design who can assist in advising you. We are used to working very early mornings, very late nights, weekends, and school holidays so that when the school reopens it is fully functional. Where required, we will photograph all the work displayed on classroom walls, take it down, carry out the work and reinstate. We know that we will need to provide detailed estimates for work, often a long time before the work is to be carried out, so that Governors’ approval can be sought and/ or budgets prepared.  It’s all part of the service. Our people are CRB or equivalent checked where required and know how to behave appropriately on school premises.

Thanks once again for an excellent service and the quality of workmanship is what we have come to expect from you guys. Susan Reid, School Business Manager, Thriftwood School.

Work to schools in Central London, South London, Essex, and Kent has included:

  • Playground equipment repairs
  • Replacing windows
  • Refurbishing a DDA toilet
  • Extending offices
  • Repairs to tank rooms
  • Repairs to fascias and soffits
  • Fitting out outside learning class
  • Installing new playground drains
  • Alterations to entrance gates
  • Replacing damaged drainage
  • Erecting sheds
  • Supplying and installing specialist radio broadcasting studio furniture in a university
  • Supply and installing screens to nursery
  • Extending railings
  • Repairing leaks in plumbing installations
  • Decorating school hall
  • Supplying and laying carpets and vinyl flooring to classrooms, offices, halls, and corridors
  • Making good defects in past contractor’s works
  • Roofing repairs
  • Decorating classrooms
  • Car park tarmac repairs
  • Paving
  • Kitchen fit-outs
  • Supplying and installing steps to demountable classroom
  • Repairs to range of wash-hand basins
  • Supplying and installing notice boards in classrooms
  • Repairs to main entrance gate
  • External decorations to classrooms
  • Fencing including re-fencing entire school
  • Alterations to a sensory room
  • Trimming hedges
  •  Repairing gutters
  • Window repairs
  • Refix glass to entrance canopy
  • Nursery kitchen refurbishment
  • Alter position of bulkhead light fittings
  • Repointing to verges
  • Nursery fence
  • Nursery canopy edge protection
  • Supply and fix brackets to canopy glazing
  • Take down part of ceiling for inspection
  • Supply and installing replacement doors with vision panels
  • Rewiring sink water heater
  • Supply and install bespoke nursery gate
  • Replacement kitchen door
  • Supply and install closer to main pedestrian gate
  • New roof to tankroom
  • Replace cupboard locks where keys lost
  • Providing locksmith services
  • Plastering and decorating a fair faced brick reception area
  • New hinges to pedestrian gate
  • Repair tiling in school kitchen
  • Repairs to soft play surface
  • Artificial grass to soft play surfaces
  • Fitting restrictors to windows to comply with health and safety legislation
  • Repairing nursery roof
  • Repairing a pergola in a school garden
  • Changing all the radiator valves in a school to thermostatic radiator valves
  • Installing a suspended ceiling and lighting installation in a college kitchen
  • Tree pruning
  • Tree removal
  • Complete refurbishment of toilets during half-term week
  • Installation of extract ventilation in staff toilets
  • Lighting installation in college kitchen
  • Repairs to school gates
  • Fitting-out PPA room
  • Changing worktop in staff kitchen
  • Repairs to external rendering
  • Asphalt and felt roofing repairs
  • Relocating kitchenette
  • Vinyl flooring to classroom
  • Removing redundant air-conditioning units
  • Removing redundant sinks and drinking water fountains
  • Replacing roof cowls
  • Installing a kitchen
  • Repointing stonework
  • Lead roofing repairs
  • Installing new drinking water fountains
  • Repairing lead flashings
  • Supplying and installing oak coat rails
  • Plumbing repairs
  • Supplying screens for use between monitors in exams
  • Installing air quality monitoring equipment
  • Supplying and installing hand dryers
  • Supplying and installing safety brackets on school gates
  • Installing fresh air supply to administration offices
  • Supplying and installing replacement light fittings
  • Building planters
  • Designing, supplying, and installing oak display unit
  • Kitchen floor repairs

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IMG_0997 800

Roof repairs resized


Asphalt Roof Repairs to an Essex School

Asphalt Roof Repairs to an Essex School

Computer Exam Desks

Computer Exam Screens


Oak Display Unit

Oak Display Unit

St Edwards, London



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