Refurbishment at St Cecilia’s Church

Refurbishment of Church


Our involvement with St Cecilia’s started with a request from the Finance Committee to provide a quotation for redecorating the interior of the church, and we won that contract in competition.

However, the Finance Committee were aware that the structure of the church had some problems and didn’t want to proceed with the decorations until the church was structurally sound and waterproof. We brought in our roofer to carry out a thorough inspection and we provided detailed quotes for carrying out repairs with provisional sum allowances where we could not accurately forsee the problems.

We also quoted for new windows, again in competition, and we were chosen to carry out the works.

When all of the above was completed we began our original redecorations, and completed them just in time for Easter.

With the help of our excellent joinery supplier we provided new pews to match the existing and replace the chairs that the church had been using.



Scaffolding on front facade

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